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Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Small Dog - 15kg and under /Medium Dog - 16kg to 25kg/ Large Dog - Over 25 kg

Please be advised that dogs with knots, matts, extra long or double coats will incur an extra $10 fee

Washing the Dog

The Pink Package

This package includes a tidy up of the face, eyes and ears, trim around the feet and under paw pads, hygiene clip around the booty and bits and a tidy up trim of the belly. PLUS your pup will receive everything in the 'Green Package'.

S: $60/ M: $75/ L: $85
Dog Wash

The Purple package

S: $75/ M: $90/ L: $100

This service is perfect as an everyday groom. Great for active dogs or if you like your fur baby low maintenance. You choose your desired coat length: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 13mm. You choose the styling of the face, tails and ears.  PLUS your pup will receive everything in the 'Green Package'.

The Blue Package

Full Grooming

S: $90/ M: $105/ L: $115

This one is for the fashionable fur baby! These grooms require a high skill set and allows you to choose your preferred style (such as breed specific groom, teddy bear groom etc). PLUS your pup will receive everything in the 'Green Package'. 

Brown Dogs

The Yellow Package

S: $25/ M: $40/ L: $50

This groom is best for short smooth coats. It includes a warm bath & towel dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned, deodorise, cuddles & treat. 

Dog Portrait

The Green Package

S: $40/ M: $55/ L: $65

This pampering includes a warm bath & blow dry, coat brushed out and fluffed up, nails clipped & filed, ears cleaned, deodorise, cuddles & treat. 


Mini Services



Nail clipping is included in every service, however, if your dog is just after a pawdicure we can do that too.

  • Nails clipped

  • Nails filed to remove sharpness

  • Paw balm applied to keep them soft



On top of any service


Great for malting dogs or dogs with a thick or double coat. We will gently remove excess hair to assist with shedding &/or thickness with the following 4 part de-shedding process:

  • Bath with de-shedding shampoo

  • Coat worked over with silicon brush

  • Strong coat blow-out with drier

  • De-shedding blade worked over coat




On top of any service


A size appropriate 

toothbrush with be specially chosen to brush your dogs teeth using specially formulated dog

 toothpaste.  You will also get to take home your dogs toothbrush.

Flea Rinse


On top of any service

 For the health and well being of your dog, if your dog is found to have fleas we will automatically apply the flea rinse and charge accordingly.